Warranty Options

Automani Cars are now proud partners of Autoguard
We have a range of premium warranty products available,
depending on your personal preference and/or budget.

All Autoguard warranties include:

Unlimited claims & Mobile App assistance – In partnership with the Automobile Association
Replacement vehicle hire
No Weasel Words - No repair exclusions for betterment or consequential failure
No mileage limits – you’re covered for the duration of your plan regardless of whether you exceed the mileage limit your plan stipulates at inception
Parts replaced in pairs
Cover for wear and tear
We’ll offer you 6 months free with your new purchase. You can upgrade if you wish at our very competitive rates – Please just ask the salesman!

With Autoguard warranties, you are covered for: -

- Electrical & Mechanical faults
- Unlimited Claims
- Competitive labour rate of £65/hour
- Sat Nav, multimedia and Air condition cover.

Your new purchase is a complex piece of modern engineering- so protect yourself against unexpected repair costs with cover from Autoguard Warranties.